Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
10. All-Star Games

After the regular season play, All-Star games will be held for each Division, except Shrimp Pre-K, Shrimp K, and Shrimp Divisions.

Section 1001 - Players' Selection

Selection of players will be determined by a private ballot of each player of each team under the supervision of the coach.

Section 1002 - Numbers of Players per Team

The number of players/teams selected will be influenced by the size of the respective Division and determined by the Division Chairperson.

Section 1003 - Standing Determination

See Section 801. All Star Games can be ended with a tie.

Section 1004 - All-Star Coaches Selection

All-Star Game Coaches shall be those who finished first and second place in the final standings. If either of these coaches is not available, the coach of the Sportsmanship Award shall be named coach. If opening still exists, coaches will be asked in the order of the Division's standings.