Uniforms are available at Barry's Saddlery.

Barry's Saddlery
62 Larkfield Road
East Northport
Phone 631-754-2727

The following is required for the Northport Youth Center Soccer League

  1. Soccer Jersey
  2. Soccer Shorts (league color only)
  3. Soccer Socks (league color only)
  4. Shin Guards
  5. Cleats or Sneakers

Referee uniforms and supplies are also available.

Directions to Barry's Saddlery
The store is half way between 9th and 10th avenues (south of the Railroad
tracks) on the west side of Larkfield.  There is ample parking in the rear
of the store where you will find the entrance.

Barry's Saddlery accepts checks or cash ONLY.

Store hours - 11am - 6pm.