Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
8. Standings and 9. Play-Offs
8. Standings

Section 801 - Standing Determination

The Division Chairperson will maintain team standings within each Division. Standings will be determined by a team's season record within each Division using the following point system:

WIN................2 points
TIE..................1 point
LOSS..............0 points

Section 802 - Two-Way Tie For First and/or Second Place

1. A regulation length tie-breaker game W I L L be played.

2. If tied at the end of regulation play, they will remain tied.

 Section 803 - Three-Way Tie For First and/or Second Place

1. Each team plays each of the other two (2) teams once in a 30-minute (two 15-minute halves) game. At the conclusion, total points determine first and second place.

2. If a tie still exists, the team with the least number of goals scored against is first and the next least is second.

Section 804 - Four-Way Tie For First and/or Second Place

The Division Chairperson will draw those four (4) teams from a hat in the presence of the Coaches. The first two (2) teams drawn will play each other and the second two (2) teams will play each other. The winners of these two (2) games will play each other to determine 1st and 2nd place. All the games will be played according to Section 802.

Section 805 - Five-Way Tie For First and/or Second Place

The Rules and Regulations Committee plus one (1) Officer shall establish the procedure to be followed in order to break the tie.

Section 806 - Third Place Tie

In a 9, 10, or 11 Team Division, when no ties exist for first and/or second place, ties for third place shall be broken in accordance with Sections 802 thru 805.


9. Play-Offs

Play-offs will be determined by the Board to establish the tie-breaker. See Part 8: Standings.