Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
11. Intramural Tournament Play

The League encourages and sanctions play by Youth Center teams in Intramural Tournaments. Tournament play provides an opportunity for the League's players and coaches to compete with teams from a wide geographical area. In order to minimize the impact on the regular League schedule, the following procedures will be followed for Tournament play:

  1. The Tournament must be recognized by the NYCSL before a NYCSL team may participate. All fees and costs of patches will be borne by the participants. Intramural tournament play may not supersede NYCSL games.
  2. Tournament coaches are prohibited from taking players from other teams whose Youth Center teams are scheduled to play on the Tournament dates. Failure to comply with the Player Selection Guidelines above will result in forfeiture of two (2) points in the final standings and disqualification from the Sportsmanship and Michael P. Cummings President's Awards for the Tournament coaches.