Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
7. Game Protest Procedure

Section 701 - Procedure

  1. The following procedure is to be followed in the event of a protest by any of the coaches:
  2. The protest shall be in writing and it shall include pictorial description.
  3. It shall include the opponent coach's name, the referee's name and telephone number.
  4. The protest shall be accompanied by a $30.00 check made payable to the Northport Youth Center Soccer League.
  5. The protest and the check must be delivered to the Division Chairperson no later than 48 hours following the game.
  6. A copy of the written protest must be delivered to the opposing team's coach and to a member of the Rules and Regulations Committee no later than 48 hours following the game.

Section 702 - Review and Disposition

A decision will be made by the Protest Committee (PC) no later than two (2) weeks from the date of the protest filing. The decision of the PC and Board is final. If protest is upheld, the $30.00 will be refunded.