Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
2. Make-Up of League (Subject to Revision, etc..)

SECTION 201 - Membership

Membership shall consist of Officers (Executive Board), Chairpersons, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Players and Parents of the League.

SECTION 202 - League Divisions



Shrimp Pre-K Co-ed
Shrimp K
Seniors Co-ed

1st &2nd
3rd &4th
5th &(6th)
(6th),7th &8th
9th - 12th

SECTION 203 - Length of Seasons

The length of the season shall be determined by the League's Executive Board. Depending on registration, Divisions may be further divided into Conferences according to single grade level as determined by the League's Executive Board. If there are less than twelve teams in a Division, that Division must play as one Division a minimum of eight games. If there are twelve teams or more in a Division, that Division must play as two or more Conferences. The Conferences may not interplay.

SECTION 204 - Players' Eligibility

A player must be properly registered in order to practice or play. Team rosters distributed at the Coaches' meeting may only be changed by the Vice President - Girls/Boys, respectively. A PLAYER ATTACHED WITH A TRAVELING TEAM/LEAGUE IS INELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN NORTHPORT YOUTH CENTER SOCCER LEAGUE. No player may play lower than his/her grade level unless he/she has a physical handicap. A written request to do so must be submitted by the parent or guardian to the Division Chairperson and the Vice President of Administration at least five (5) days prior to any League game in which the player would participate. The Executive Board will evaluate and decide all cases on the players' respective merit.

All other exceptions will be reviewed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board's decision is final. Failure to adhere to the above will result in forfeiture of all games in which the player participated.

SECTION 205 - Team

Teams will be made up by a division chairperson to the best of their ability. If a division has multiple grades those teams will be made up equally with each grade. Up to seventeen (17) players will be assigned to each team except Shrimp Division teams, which will be limited to thirteen (13) players and Senior co-ed teams to be determined by the Board according to enrollment.

section 205.1

When a team has placed in a Division two (2) consecutive seasons, the team will be broken up.

section 205.2

A team will be considered the same when six (6) or more players are placed on the same team for two (2) or more seasons.