Northport Soccer Rules and Regulations
13. Players' Responsibility


Every assigned player in the Northport Youth Center Soccer League is entitled to benefit from its services and organized activities. In return, each player must assume certain responsibilities towards their team, their coach, and the League.

Each player owes their team members regular, punctual, and conscientious attendance at all scheduled games and practice sessions. They further owe their team their very best efforts during practice as well as at games. Experienced players should not be critical or impatient with their less experienced team members, but should instead try to be helpful and understanding.

Players should try to inform their coaches as soon as possible whenever they will be unable to attend a game or a scheduled practice session. The Coach should be informed before the beginning of a practice if a player must leave early. The player should also remind the Coach at the time he/she is leaving. Finally, each player must bear in mind that they represent the Northport Youth Center Soccer League and must not discredit the League, their team or themselves by undisciplined or unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, or after the games and practice sessions.